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What sets us apart

TC Treuhand has spent the past 15 years turning the extensive experience of each and every one of its team members into benefits for high-profile clients. That is why they have placed their trust in us over the long term. We are proud that our relationship with our clients is a very personal one. You can reach your personal contact to ask your questions and get answers practically around the clock.

How can we support you? Need help with succession planning, cost optimisation, a management buy-in or a management buy-out? Our auditing expertise forms the basis for our management, tax and legal advisory services – fast, flexible and efficient. With a team of 70 experts, our auditors, tax advisors, lawyers and global business specialists are dedicated to leveraging TC Treuhand’s analytical, strategic and human strength for your future!

Facts & figures

Locations: Essen, Recklinghausen
Number of employees: 70
Accredited professionals: 19
Clients: national and international companies


Taking care of your books and charting your company’s future takes more than just looking into a crystal ball. Where do you stand today? Where do you want to stand tomorrow? Your annual financial statements let us know.

And they also reveal even more: They tell us about your company’s weaknesses and mistakes. They tell us about where there may be a need for improvement. But they also tell us about your company’s strengths. We work with our clients and support them in systematically steering their business towards success over the long term. You are in good hands with our experts – especially when it comes to globalization, international accounting and global tax law.


Capital participation, restructuring, cost optimisation, private equity, acquisition … Tell us your goals, and we’ll show you the way! We’re here to help you lead your business to success!

Together with you, we’ll chart the course. But first we’ll check your financial statements to see where HR, financial and structural measures are needed. Following the right preparation, your journey can begin. Even then, you won’t be on your own. Our dedicated team is here to guide you along your way and keep you on track. That way, you can be sure that you’re always headed in the right direction!


We may not promise 24/7 service in neon lights. But you can rest assured that we are here for you when you need us. That is the difference our special, personal bond with our clients makes.

Is there something on your mind – something that needs to get done? Then rest assured that we will find the right solution for your challenge. Because we think and act with an eye to the long term, your personal advisor will be there to support you for years to come. Our other specialists will take care of the details behind the scenes. Take advantage of the great feeling of being able to rely on your external team. Now all you have to do is take off!